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Prescott Area

Classroom Challenge

In celebration of the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day, the Greater Prescott Outdoors Fund is giving away prizes for the three best Earth Day projects in the Greater Prescott area.

Prizes are checks made out to individual or group leader winner (with parent or guardian permission) in the following amounts:

  1st Place - $100       2nd Place - $75       3rd Place - $50  

Who is eligible? Classes, students, and student groups in the Prescott, Prescott Valley, Williamson Valley, Chino Valley and other areas considered the "Greater Prescott Area"

What project do I have to do? Whatever you come up with that positively impacts your community and the environment! Some ideas we've seen in the past have been art or performance projects, letters to representatives, planting trees, starting a compost, building awareness around an issue important to you, writing poetry, water quality testing, and so much more!

How will you choose the winners? Winners will be chosen based on three connected criteria below (see the rubric for more details):


  Creativity - Relevance to People & the Planet - Impact on our Community  

What do I submit? Documentation of your project (photos, videos, documents, etc.) and any other information to help us understand your Earth project's creativity, relevance to people & the planet, and impact on our community.

When do I submit? Between April 1st and April 25th. Submissions close April 25th at 5:00pm.

How do I submit? Email your project details to Reach out to your teacher or group leader if you need help!

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