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Family Birding Week

To connect with Prescott's natural world through the observation of local bird populations and spend quality time with loved ones

Family friendly fun outdoors?

Yes! And you can participate from your backyard, in a local park, or anywhere in your neighborhood. Birds are everywhere!

What?: A do-it-yourself weeklong event for families and friends to observe and record local bird species.

How?: Hang outdoors with your provided recording sheet, local bird guide, and any other gear you want to bring along for bird-watching fun. Write down the different bird species you see along the way!

When?: Observe and record between April 17th - April 23rd. Submit your recording sheet or a picture of it by 11:59pm on April 23rd.

Where?: Anywhere you find birds bopping and singing around!


That is perfectly ok! Just write down the descriptive characteristics of the bird you see (such as the color, size, pattern, etc.) on your recording sheet. You can use your provided guide to try and identify the bird species, or upload a picture/sketch to our Facebook page for identification from a local expert or community member!

FAQ: But what if I don't know any birds?

Join the Event

By registering for Family Birding Week, you will receive:

  • A recording sheet to document the birds you see

  • Recommendations from big time birders for where, when and how to birdwatch successfully

  • A local bird guide that is specific to the habitat you visit

  • A chance to win a variety of awesome prizes such as bird guides and binoculars for your future birding adventures

Wait...did you say prizes?

That's Right!

You will be entered into a raffle after submitting your recording sheet! We will have the raffle and hand out prizes on April 24th at the Prescott Earth Day Festival at Granite Creek Park! (if you cant make it, we will save the prize for you)

Who do I contact to register/submit?

Mariana Altrichter

Creator/Event Director

Alex Yarborough

Even Coordinator


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